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Raw Zucchini Pasta with Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce

George Bryant
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Servings 2



Raw Version

  • Place your zucchini in your spiral slicer to make pasta. If you don't have a spiral slicer you can use a julienne peeler or vegetable peeler and make thicker noodles
  • Whichever method you choose, make your noodles to your liking and set aside
  • Place your toasted pecans in your food processor and pulse until you have small chunks, not quite flour consistency
  • Add your can of fire-roasted tomatoes and process on high to make a smooth sauce
  • Plate your noodles and dress with the sauce
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper to your liking and enjoy

For the Hot Version

  • Follow steps 1-4 from above
  • Place your zucchini noodles on a paper towl lined cookie sheet and lightly salt
  • Let sit to reduce the moisture
  • Preheat a saute pan on medium heat and a sauce pan on medium heat
  • Place your tomato sauce in the sauce pan, cover, and let simmer until hot
  • Using a fat of your choice (bacon fat, avocado oil, coconut oil) saute your noodles for 1-2 minutes in your saute pan to just warm them up
  • Transfer your noodles to a plate, dress with your sauce and enjoy